With 30 years in GRP catamaran boat building, Blyth Catamarans Ltd. epitomises maritime innovation. Their latest endeavour leverages large-scale resin infusion technology in hull construction, marking a pivotal step in their innovative journey.

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Qualifying R&D project 1.

Commissioned by the Northern Ireland Government to construct a 15m survey vessel, Blyth Catamarans was challenged to revolutionise hull construction. The aim? Transition from hand-layup techniques to state-of-the-art resin infusion, setting a new benchmark for marine construction.

Technical Challenges: Shifting to resin infusion from traditional hand-layup. Targeting a 1:1 resin-to-fibre ratio, a leap from the customary 2:1 ratio. Integrating the new technology within Blyth's existing processes. Scaling the infusion technique from concept to full-sized vessels.

R&D Efforts: Blyth Catamarans embarked on intense R&D, analysing current infusion methodologies and seeking marine engineering expertise. The challenges they faced required innovative solutions beyond standard industry norms.

Technological Advances: Resin Infusion Mastery: The team achieved a 1:1 resin-to-fibre ratio using vacuum infusion, a significant advance from conventional methods. Seamless Integration: Through iterative refinements, the new technology was embedded into Blyth's established processes. Effective Scaling: Blyth seamlessly moved from prototypes to full-sized hulls, setting new industry standards. Optimal Condition Insights: Extensive testing led to critical findings on optimal conditions for resin infusion.

Solutions to Technical Uncertainties: Refined Infusion Process: Blyth Catamarans optimised the resin infusion process through methodical experimentation. Collaborative Approach: Interdisciplinary efforts resulted in process improvements that upheld vessel integrity. Consistent 1:1 Ratio: Persistent testing yielded a consistent method to achieve the desired resin-to-fibre balance. Scaled Implementation: Mathematical and hydrodynamic models facilitated the successful scaling of the infusion technology.

Conclusion: Blyth Catamarans Ltd.'s dive into resin infusion technology showcases their dedication to progressing marine engineering. This initiative not only reinforced their leadership in the sector but also ushered in a transformative phase for marine construction. This venture solidifies Blyth's commitment to pioneering change and exploring the vast horizons of maritime innovation.