The Brief.

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Davis Construction



claim processing time

7 weeks

Qualifying R&D project 1.

Davis Construction embarked on a challenging commercial building renovation project, transforming it into 94 residential flats and adding three floors. The process involved three key stages: assessing the structural integrity, developing a lightweight steel frame solution, and implementing the design.

In the beginning, the team evaluated the existing steel frame’s weight capacity and sought expert advice from a structural engineer. They calculated the completed building’s weight load using variable material weight and determined the need for a new structural system.

During the middle stage, Davis Construction developed a bespoke fabricated steel rod with numerous advantages such as easy door and window openings, reduced building weight, and decreased wastage. They installed these rods in a crosshatch pile system, increasing overall strength by distributing the load across multiple beams. As a result, they managed to reduce the internal beam size by around 20%, leading to larger property sizes and higher project returns.

In the end, the team tested the fabricated steel rods and designed a new transfer deck using these rods and reinforced concrete mix. The improved deck offered cost-effectiveness, easy installation, noise and heat insulation, high durability, long-span capacity, and efficient weight distribution. Through their innovative approach, Davis Construction successfully completed the ambitious renovation project while overcoming structural and design challenges.

Qualifying R&D project 2.

Davis Construction faced a challenging task: redeveloping Chase High School in Essex. Initially expecting a straightforward project, the team encountered a significant issue when they hit two main water and gas pipes during excavation.

Collaborating with a specialist engineer, they developed a bespoke reinforced steel pad frame system and an asymmetric foundation system using counterbalanced steel pads, while creating a new foundation installation process that allowed for pipework removal during construction.

The innovative solution involved strategically placing reinforced pads with steel brackets and shallow piled rods, ensuring even weight distribution and open space for engineers to access mains pipework. This kept the project on schedule, provided a safer working environment, and introduced a new method for time-constrained projects where traditional foundations are unavailable.

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As the Director of Davis Construction, I was initially skeptical about our eligibility for the R&D incentive. However, after working closely with the team, I am beyond impressed with their expertise and dedication in helping us secure a £165k claim. Their in-depth understanding of our projects and their ability to navigate the complexities of the incentive program proved invaluable. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to explore R&D tax incentives. A big thank you to the team for their outstanding support!

Tom, Director