Lab3Sixty, founded in 2021, is a forerunner in optical lens innovation, offering diverse, top-notch lens solutions. Their dedication to excellence, tech progress, and support for independent entities distinguishes them in the industry.

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Qualifying R&D project 1.

Addressing the evolving needs of the optical lens sector, Lab3Sixty launched a project to boost their manufacturing capabilities. Goals included enhancing efficiency, diversifying products, and strengthening their market stance, particularly for small industry players.

Technical Challenges: Implementing Polycrystalline Diamond static tips in CNC machines for intricate lens curvatures. Designing software macros for automating repetitive CNC tasks. Merging existing software systems, including Annapurna and a Madrid-based tool. Upholding precision for high-quality, user-specific lens manufacturing. Pivoting from the generic to personalised lens designs.

R&D Efforts: Lab3Sixty deeply invested in R&D, gleaning from existing data, expert consultations, extensive testing, feasibility studies, and cooperative design strategies to tackle project challenges.

Technological Advances: Key advancements by Lab3Sixty included: Mechanical Engineering: Deployed Polycrystalline Diamond static tips for versatile lens crafting. Software Engineering: Formulated software macros optimising the CNC operations. System Integration: Tailored and combined software tools, showcasing IT's role in lens production. Optical Science: Crafted lenses adapted to individual needs, elevating personalisation in lens tech.

Solutions to Technical Uncertainties: Achieved smooth Polycrystalline Diamond tip integration via advanced fixture designs. Explored and applied Polycrystalline Diamond for broadened lens production potential. Refined software macros through iterative design/testing for superior manufacturing. Adopted a structured method for crafting and testing individualised lens designs.

Conclusion: Lab3Sixty's efforts have set new precedents in optical lens manufacturing. Their blend of mechanical, software, and optical innovations reflects their dedication and hints at a promising optical lens tech future. This project emphasises Lab3Sixty's commitment to innovation and industry progression.