QC Polymer, a notable figure in the UK's sustainable plastics recycling, focuses on transforming post-consumer PET waste recycling. They blend environmental stewardship with economic efficiency, setting the pace for future plastic recycling solutions.

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Qualifying R&D project 1.

Project Background: QC Polymer's initiative sought to reshape plastic recycling. Focusing on post-consumer PET waste, the project introduced advancements for greater efficiency, improved quality, and new industry standards.

Technical Challenges: Integration of the Triple-stage Steam Wash Process and Double Sink Float Mechanism. Implementation of an Advanced Return System for rerouting rejected flakes. Integration of machine learning-based Imaging and Sorting Technology. Infrastructure adjustments to fit new systems, meeting UK standards. Incorporation of the Screw-Feed System and a Third Granulator. Introduction of an Advanced Aluminium-Sorting Machine for PET purity. Synchronisation of off-the-shelf components with proprietary systems.

R&D Efforts: QC Polymer heavily leaned on R&D, consulting experts, running feasibility studies, predictive modelling, experiments, and iterative designs.

Technological Advances: Recycling Process: Introduced Triple-stage Steam Wash and Double Sink Float Mechanism for better PET quality. Systems Engineering: Developed an Advanced Return System to reduce waste. Machine Learning & Imaging: Used machine learning and hyper-spectral imaging for precision in material differentiation. Infrastructure Design: Integrated the Screw-Feed System and Third Granulator, displaying adaptability. Optical Sorting: Launched an Advanced Aluminium-Sorting Machine to remove contaminants.

Solutions to Technical Uncertainties: Process Optimization: QC Polymer fine-tuned the Steam Wash Process via thorough analysis. System Integration: Skilfully combined diverse components into a seamless system. Material Sorting: Advanced imaging and machine learning ensured pure recycled PET. Infrastructure Modification: Strategic adjustments were made to accommodate innovations, adhering to UK regulations.

Conclusion: QC Polymer's initiative has set new benchmarks in PET recycling. Their technological strides highlight their dedication and indicate a brighter path for sustainable plastic recycling. This project underscores QC Polymer's commitment to innovation and raising industry standards.