The Brief.

business name

Transive (Travel Seed) Ltd


Software & IT

claim processing time

5 Weeks

Qualifying R&D project 1.

Transive Ltd aimed to create a React Native app called Travel Seed, targeting both leisure and business travelers. The goal was to develop a platform that helps customers reduce their carbon footprint and streamline travel booking.

The team used React Native for front-end development and Golang for core service development and API integration. They faced challenges such as creating a bespoke API for travel itinerary lists, adaptable payment models, and messaging systems. The project involved real-time data capture, price adjustments, and communication between users, vendors, and booking agents.

After an initial testing phase (ITP) with one vendor, they identified and fixed bugs in the core code. Transive Ltd successfully developed Travel Seed, showcasing the product before moving to a minimum viable product (MVP) stage. The app offers eco-friendly travel options and supports various payment and communication features, making it a unique solution in the travel industry.

Super happy with the result and thanks for all the help from the team at BIG on achieving us a great sum of money back from the R&D incentive.

Paul, Director

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