Triple Solar, one of our esteemed clients at Business Innovation Group, is a leading solar panel manufacturer based in Essex, UK. They specialise in providing innovative, sustainable energy solutions to clients all over the United Kingdom, emphasizing exceptional customer service and tailored solar products.

Before partnering with us, Triple Solar was already committed to innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy sector. However, they were seeking ways to further develop their technology and enhance their product offerings. That's when they were introduced to our R&D services at Business Innovation Group.

As their R&D partner, we have helped Triple Solar identify new opportunities for research and development, enabling them to stay at the forefront of the solar energy industry. Our collaboration has resulted in the successful implementation of advanced solar solutions, further empowering individuals, and businesses to achieve energy independence and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Brief.

business name

Triple Solar Ltd


Solar & Renewables

claim processing time

6 Weeks

Qualifying R&D project 1.

Triple Solar (TS) aimed to develop a solar panel design software to streamline their design process and improve efficiency. The project began with defining software requirements and designing the user interface. They collaborated with software specialists to develop simulation algorithms, optimize performance, and integrate a solar panel database.

Throughout the project, TS faced challenges such as technical complexity, data management, accuracy, and user experience. They overcame these challenges by consulting with experts, implementing cloud-based data solutions, conducting rigorous testing, and gathering user feedback.

By the end of the project, TS successfully developed a user-friendly design software that accurately predicts solar panel system performance and optimizes costs. The software has allowed TS to make informed decisions and identify opportunities for cost reduction, resulting in improved ROI and enhanced solar panel designs.

This project qualified for R&D under the guidelines, as it involved the development of a novel software that incorporated an increase in overall knowledge and capabilities in the solar panel industry. The project addressed uncertainties in technical complexity, data management, and accuracy, which required research, consultation, and testing to resolve. Moreover, the software made an appreciable improvement to the existing solar panel design process by automating calculations, enhancing efficiency, and providing a more user-friendly interface. These advancements aligned with the R&D guidelines, allowing Triple Solar to benefit from the R&D incentives.

Qualifying R&D project 2.

Triple Solar (TS) aimed to develop an improved bird guard for solar panels to protect them from wildlife damage. They began by researching existing products and identifying areas for improvement. They designed a stainless steel physical barrier and tested three metal types—aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. Stainless steel proved to be the most suitable material.

TS conducted wind tunnel, drop, environmental, and field tests to evaluate the bird guard's effectiveness, durability, and impact on solar panel performance. During field tests, they found the initial design affected solar panel performance and modified the guard to be installed at a pitched angle to deter birds while minimizing performance impact.

TS successfully developed a new bird guard, enhancing protection from bird damage, improving efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, and extending solar panel lifespan. The project met the R&D guidelines by creating an appreciable improvement to an existing product, addressing unique challenges, and increasing overall knowledge and capability.

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Really good experience working with Business Innovation Group in securing us a £377,000 R&D claim for our business. The team's expertise and commitment to understanding our project's intricacies were truly remarkable.

From the beginning, they guided us through every step of the process, providing invaluable insights and support. Their in-depth knowledge and ability to effectively communicate our project's scientific advancements played a significant role in the success of our claim.

Big credit to Stevie and the team.

Rocky, Director

Qualifying R&D project 3.

TS embarked on a project to improve solar panel efficiency and safety by replacing traditional encapsulant materials, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyvinyl butyral (PVB), with polyethylene naphthalate (PEN). The project involved material characterization, compatibility testing, durability testing, performance testing, and environmental impact assessment.

PEN proved superior due to its higher optical transparency, improved durability, better thermal stability, enhanced dimensional stability, and environmental sustainability. To overcome challenges, TS collaborated with a Chinese manufacturer, conducted rigorous testing and evaluation, and ensured compliance with environmental regulations.

The project's success led to the creation of a more efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly solar panel product, demonstrating an appreciable improvement in line with R&D guidelines.