USR Ltd is a UK-based engineering company specializing in underground utilities repairs and installations. Established in 2009, USR offers deep excavation work, pressure testing, PRV installation, MDPE installation, HPPE installation, and related services for various installations.

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Qualifying R&D project 1.

USR was contracted to service mains water pipes for a residential development in Dartford, Kent. The project required lowering and reinforcing pipes and installing a 5-way water distribution component. The standard Cofferdam solution was rejected due to cost, leading USR to develop a bespoke system using fabricated steel components. The project involved significant technological uncertainties but resulted in a unique, cost-effective, and efficient solution.

This project satisfied BISS Guideline 9c: Make an appreciable improvement to an existing process, material, device, product, or service.

USR’s project demonstrated a significant increase in knowledge and capability, leading to an efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable solution that benefited their clients and the construction industry. The successful R&D tax claim provided valuable financial support for future projects and business growth.

The team at BIG (Business Innovation Group) was a massive help. Clear, concise information throughout and made the process very simple. Their compliance checks, procedures, and all-round duty of care gave me and the team peace of mind that this was something worth progressing with, and the result is a sure sign that our decision was correct. I look forward to working with Lewis again moving forward.

Stephen, Director

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