R&D claim review

Was your previous R&D claim a fair review?

Supporting businesses with an outside, professional approach to support and improve R&D Tax Credit applications.

Why review your previous R&D applications?

An independent review of your previous R&D claims can identify missed tax relief opportunities and ensure you’re claiming the maximum amount you’re entitled to. It can also help you assess whether your previous agents left you exposed, identifying potential areas of risk and protecting your business against potential HMRC enquiries or legal action.

The next step?

If you are concerned about previous claims that may have left you exposed, there is guidance available on how to protect yourself. The steps you need to take will depend on the specific circumstances of your situation.

A comprehensive HMRC enquiry defence package!

If HMRC decides to enquire your previous R&D claims, we are the team to help you avoid potential legal action or fines.

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R&D claim review

what does the service include?

A review of your previous R&D claims.

This is for accuracy and to identify missed opportunities for claiming tax relief.

An assessment of your previous agents.

Look for omissions or exaggerations which leaves you vulnerable, like overvalued claims.

Recommendations on improving R&D claim.

Ensure that you are claiming the maximum amount that you are entitled to for future applications.