Innovation is not an occurrence limited to Silicon Valley or Shoreditch – it happens everywhere. There are businesses with ground-breaking ideas and breakthrough advancements tucked away in every corner of the country. Realising this, Business Innovation Group, specialists in R&D Tax Credits, recently made a strategic move out of London to Essex, in a bid to support local businesses with their innovative efforts.

Our mission at Business Innovation Group has always been to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) recognise their eligibility to benefit from the generous government-backed R&D Tax Credit programme. This unique initiative allows companies to reclaim a significant portion of their research and development costs, driving further investment into the lifeblood of any competitive business – innovation.

Reinforcing Local Innovation

Why Essex, you ask? This move is not just about changing our geographical location. It’s about fostering local economies, strengthening partnerships, and inspiring growth. Essex is a thriving hub of SMEs, many of which are consistently pushing the boundaries in their respective fields. By establishing our presence in Essex, we can be at the heart of this creative flurry, offering our expertise and guidance to these forward-thinking businesses.

Our relocation is also a commitment to remove the barriers to entry that many SMEs face when it comes to accessing crucial funding mechanisms. We are passionate about demystifying the often complex process of applying for R&D Tax Credits, making it accessible and straightforward for all businesses that are investing in innovation.

Partnership with Southend Council

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Southend Council, a step that allows us to lend our expertise directly to the community we are now a part of. Through this collaboration, we aim to help local businesses flourish by providing them with the necessary tools and support to harness the power of R&D Tax Credits.

Our shared objective with Southend Council is to boost innovation across the region. The council recognises the immense value of nurturing local talent and fostering a culture of innovation that can drive economic growth. Together, we plan to build programs and workshops that not only raise awareness about the R&D Tax Credit scheme but also foster a supportive environment for local businesses.

The Road Ahead

The journey has just begun. We envision a future where Essex is known not just for its scenic countryside and rich history, but as a thriving epicentre of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. And with our expert team of R&D Tax Credit consultants, we are ready to make this vision a reality.

We believe that through our services, we can help SMEs tap into their full potential, spur local job creation, and drive sustainable growth in the region. Our move to Essex signifies our commitment to a long-term vision of fostering a vibrant, innovative local business ecosystem.

Business Innovation Group is excited to be a part of the Essex business community and to work towards a future where innovation is not a privilege but the norm.

Here’s to a new chapter in Essex, and here’s to making innovation everyone’s business.